it’s time for me to leave the Democratic Party . . . and cast() my fate with a Republican Party

Ann Davison

January 2020


Ann Davison is a Trump Republican.


Ann Davison has (unsuccessfully!) run for office before, and she used to call herself a democrat. But in January 2020, she declared that she is now a Republican.


Why? Why did she turn Republican?


Four years of a Trump presidency must have impressed her. Four years with a party leader who is a racist, misogynist, self-centered shambling disaster of a human, and Ann Davison seems to say Yes! Sign me up for some of that!


How does a person watch four years of economic, civil rights, and public health disasters and decide to join that cause? And then ask to be elevated to a position of public trust!?


I would not trust someone with such bad judgment to contest a parking ticket for me, let alone run my city's entire legal department.

Ann Davison is dishonest.


Ann Davison lies in her campaign materials. Someone who lies to get the result they want should not be placed in a position where their lack of respect for the truth could put innocent people in jail.

Headline: Ann Davison's Mailer Is Misleading, Full of Inaccuracies, Dumb, and Disqualifying

Ann Davison is incompetent.


Ann Davison failed to buy when she ran for public office. Who does that? Again, terrible judgment.


More seriously, Ann Davison does not seem to understand powers of the office she is seeking or the actual function the position.

Adjectives to describe Ann Davison include "dishonest," "heartless," and "Durkanesque."

In any event, Seattle City Councilmember Andrew Lewis, who worked as a prosecutor in the City Attorney's office and who flagged the mailer on Twitter, said the mail piece "betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of the office."  "There's two ways to look at it," he said over the phone, "either she fundamentally doesn’t understand what the office does—which is a problem—or she knows what the office does and is cynically trying to exploit people's fears to get elected; either of those two things is disqualifying."

Ignorant? Or malicious liar? Porque no los dos!

Ann Davison is inexperienced.


Ann Davison has never been a criminal attorney, for either prosecution or defense. The city attorney's office is responsible for handling misdemenor prosecutions, and Ann Davison has proposed disruptive changes to how the city handles crime. I don't trust her to stumble into disrupting a system she has never been part of and doesn't understand.

Tweet from Andrew J. Lewis: "Boy. Won’t Ann Sattler be disappointed when she learns homicide, rape, and burglary are felonies outside of the jurisdiction of the City Attorney. But, I guess that’s what happens when you’ve never been in a courtroom."

What's more embarassing, (1) not understanding the position you're running for, or (2) getting burned by Councilmember Lewis?